Program Schedule


Southern Music Showcase – 3 sponsors / 30 minute show

An assortment of music shows featuring local bluegrass, country and gospel groups.


Community Insider – 3 sponsors / 30 minute show

This is a weekly local TV series highlighting local events in our surrounding counties.


Community Spotlight – 3 sponsors / 30 minute show

This weekly show interviews some of the most successful and influential figures in our area along with current events taking place in our community.


Passintime Outdoors – 4 sponsors / 30 minute show

A local TV series that features an exciting and action packed hunting show that offers some of the most amazing footage of turkey, deer and predator hunts.


TN Wildside – 3 sponsors / 30 minute show

Celebrating the outdoors in Tennessee with shows featuring hunting, fishing & boating, outdoor adventures and recipes.


Tranquility TV – 2 sponsors / 30 minute show

Simulated TV show that delivers soothing relaxation videos with specifically composed music.


Inside Music Row – 6 sponsors / 30 minute show

Weekly country music entertainment news program.


In the Light – 2 sponsors / 30 minute show

An exciting Christian program focused on encouraging and promoting Christian living in today's society. In the Light brings you true life testimony of people and the changes that God has made in their lives.


Your Plates or Mine – 6 sponsors / 30 minute show

The show is hosted by David Miller and features his favorite recipes of family and friends. The show is hosted from a variety of locations ranging from his home in Nashville, to The Inn at Harvest Farms, to Ft Walton Beach Florida.


How Does Your Garden Grow – 6 sponsors / 30 minute show

The show is hosted by Kim Correll and features gardening tips and ideas for vegetable, flower and herb gardens.


Local Weather Channel

Check out the local weather forecast 24/7!


BLTV Program Schedule

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Production Assistance

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